So last week was crazy, we were invited along to BBC Radio Merseyside to talk about setting up Style Button, the reasons behind it, what inspired us and why we have chosen to use real, everyday women of different sizes as models.

I was so nervous about it and was actually shaking before I went in, so glad I did it though because I really, really enjoyed it. I was interviewed by Sean Styles, who has been presenting the mid-morning show for as long as I can remember, and he was genuinely lovely guy, a proper gent who made me feel so at ease and made the whole thing fun. Sorry about the blurry photo!

Why we use real women as models

The whole idea with Style Button is that you can come on this site and see what clothing looks like on different sized, real women, currently we have size 8, 10 and 14. Obviously we know that women are lots of different sizes, not just the ones we currently show, and we need to do more to represent different body types. As the business grows and we build up our levels of stock we will be sourcing larger sizes and will have clothing modelled in those sizes.

We wanted to open an online clothing store that the average woman on the street could really relate to, with images of everyday women of different sizes modelling the clothes. Personally, we have found it a bit daunting shopping online, the clothes look amazing on a size 8, 5’10 model and wondered if they would look good on us. the hope is that Style Button helps to take away that worry for other women, as they can see what a playsuit or dress looks like on a size 8 or a size 14.

Met a Dalek...

We are always open to suggestions about how we can improve our service or products we offer; if you think we are missing something then let us know, we love to hear your feedback.

Much love xx