Taking a more personal approach to the blog today, it is nice to talk about different things, don't you agree? Have to say that September is one of my favourite months of the year and not because the kids go back to school (although that helps), it has always been up there. There is an air of possibility, something new, a fresh start after all of the summer excesses. I feel that more so in September than I do in January, it is far too cold and miserable then.

In years gone by September would be full of excitement going back to school, showing off my new uniform, stationary and bag to my mates. Then it was off to university and that was amazing and scary all at the same time, living on the other side of the country.

Also, September is the month I became a mum for the very first time, my life changed completely and for the better. I leapt onto the crazy mum roller coaster and it has been one hell of a ride over the last six years, adding two more little people into the mix.

My little people

September, for me, has always been about starting something new. So I have decided I am going to start taking a bit of time for myself, as a mum of three with a new business to get off the round it doesn't leave much time for anything else really. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who are completely run off your feet on a daily basis, so maybe take 30 minutes a day to do something for you, whether it is a face mask, do your nails, write a blog, make something or exercise. Do something that makes you smile and is just for you.

Me, i'm going to start running, its free, all I need is myself (plus clothes obviously haha) and a bit of motivation. I want to be able to run round with the kids without feeling like i'm going to collapse into a heap and exercise is a great mood booster. 

You know what I also love about September, the weather is getting a bit cooler and that means lots of lovely new season autumn colours, cardigans, jumpers, boots and layers upon layers of gorgeous clothes. We have a small selection of autumnal clothing at the minute and plan to update the collection very soon, you can see what we have available in new.

What is your favourite thing about September?

Much love xx